Classic Game - Series 3 1st Quarter Final

Broadcast 6th December 1983

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A classic to kick off this new feature - this was a landmark game in the history of Countdown. Having become the second ever Octochamp (not that they called them that then!), producer-to-be Mark Nyman came back as number 1 seed for the quarter-finals of Series 3. Still a schoolboy from Willesden at the time, Mark had amassed 427 points in his preliminary matches and achieved something of a reputation for being hard to beat. Ted Wiles, a retired accountant living near Pontefract, was returning as number 8 seed having won just one game. Despite the fact that this match is from the days before I kept regular records of the selections of numbers and letters (Editor's Note - these have since been added), I feel it is worthy of its place as Game of the Week, as Mark's score of 79 stood for almost three years as the highest in a normal 9-round game of Countdown. The previous highest score had been 69, achieved by both William Bradford and Norma Nicholson. What a pity he couldn't get 10 points for the first numbers game, but then neither could Carol!

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