Classic Game - Series 40 2nd Quarter Final

Broadcast 18th June 1999

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A bit of a departure from the norm this week - instead of choosing a classic game in the usual sense, this match is more one of unfulfilled potential. Although the 60 points scored by Glynn Leaney is quite respectable, what makes this game remarkable is that there were THREE nine-letter words offered by Dictionary Corner and both numbers games were solvable. A final score of at least 104 was possible, some 21 more than the current record of 83, so there is still room for improvement!

The selection from Round 1 looks like 18-point material, and indeed it is - while Glynn offered INGRATES for 8, the "Dictionary Duo" of Richard Digance and Susie Dent offered TRAPESING. Round 2 looks a bit of a damp squib, but the 7-letter MEADOWY is available. Amazingly, INGRATES appeared again in Round 3, along with its anagram, ANGRIEST - but there was another nine - this time the rather obscure INGATHERS. The first numbers game was tough, but possible, Carol coming up with the goods, as she so often does.

Part Two started with the most barren round, in terms of potential points - 6 seems to be the limit in Round 5 - unless, of course, you know otherwise! Seven points seems to be the best for Round 6 - Dictionary Corner offering both PULSATE and PEANUTS, and others are available, but not an eight, it seems. And then, just when it looked like being a regular (well, not that regular!) two nine-letter word programme, up popped DECIMATOR to make it a hat-trick. One of Glynn Leaney's "L"s from the numbers tray and a 903 from CECIL meant another 10 points were available, and of course, there are always 10 points for the taking in the conundrum. So, not too far from the 138 point "theoretical maximum", then...

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