Classic Game - Series 17 Prelim 13

Broadcast 27th January 1989

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Another Game of the Week, another match featuring Tim Morrissey. Following on from his victory over Jean Tweddell, Tim then went on to beat Julie Pharro and Russell Turner before coming up against Sidcup's Mary Hawes.

Round 1 started evenly, as it so often does, with both players scoring a LOVELY six. Sylvia Syms and Freda Thornton offered the seven OVERLAY. Round 2 was disappointing, as it appeared six was the highest available, and both contestants duly spotted a valid word. Following those two rounds, it was good to see two eight-letter words in Round 3, and the scores then began to pick up. Tim finally managed to move into the lead after a good numbers game, and the score was 30-20 as we went into the advert break.

After the first letters game of Part Two, it was beginning to look like an easy victory for the boy from Dublin, as his WITCHES put him seventeen points into the lead. Dictionary Corner offered an excellent eight in the form of ASTHENIC (meaning 'of lean and long-limbed build'). Round 6 did nothing to alter the gap, with both Tim and Mary spotting FRONTED, but Tim was about to make things much harder for himself...

After the clock had counted down for Round 7, Mary offered BEARISH, while Tim went for BASHIER, having rejected BEARISH as more risky. Unfortunately for him, he made the wrong choice, and Mary moved within 10 points of Tim with 20 points still available. The numbers game was to prove a bit of a pig (even Carol was stumped by it), but both contestants salvaged 7 points, and it was 51-41 with the conundrum to go.

It was, of course, a crucial conundrum, and if Mary could solve it first, she would force a draw and therefore a re-match. As it turned out, Mary pressed after just two seconds, although Tim was only a split-second behind her. The re-match proved to be almost as exciting, with the contestants never more than nine points apart throughout the game, and by the conundrum, the score was 36-35 to Tim. This time, he ran out the clear winner having spotted MODELLING after just 2 seconds, but Mary did go away with the dictionaries under her arm for her trouble.

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This review was originally published as Game of the Week - 4 Mar 2001.

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