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by Ken Ebborn

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Letters & Numbers is an excellent program for practising your Countdown skills on your PC. It allows you to play as many rounds as you like of all three types (letters games, numbers games and conundrums) as well as giving you the best solutions available for each round - ideal if you are getting ready for that big audition! You are also able to enter any set of letters and find the longest words available or enter any set of six numbers and discover all the solutions to the numbers game, which makes it an excellent tool for discovering whether Dictionary Corner or Carol could have been beaten!

While lacking the visual impact (it runs in the DOS environment) and playability of some other Countdown solvers and games available, Letters & Numbers scores highly in the usability stakes: it's my preferred choice when looking for maximum scores in a game of Countdown, because of its speed and ease of use, together with the ability to amend both the dictionary file and the letter frequencies used by the program. Letters & Numbers was available for many years on Ken Ebborn's own website, and I'm delighted to now make it available on The Countdown Page.

Letters & Numbers is no longer in active development, but if you have any comments or suggestions for future changes, please let me know.

To download Letters & Numbers, please click here. (File size: 1.23Mb)

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