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This page contains details of every section of The Countdown Page website.


Read about the Countdown experiences of former contestants. And if you're a former contestant yourself, feel free to join in!

Classic Games

All of the classic games originally published as 'Games of the Week', now conveniently arranged in chronological order.


Some groovy JPEGs to decorate your desktop.

Hall of Fame

The page that started this website - a list of all the champions in the history of the game.

Octochamps & Viscounts

A page listing all the octochamps (or should that be octavians?) and viscounts in the history of Countdown.

High Scores

All the scores of 75 or over from 9-round games, 100 or over from 14-round games, and 120 or over from 15-round games.

Low Scores

All the single-figure scores from 29 years of Countdown, plus the lowest scores from 14 and 15-round games.


Details of every Grand Final of Countdown from July 1983 to December 2011, the special '1000th' and '1500th' programmes and the nine-round Champion of Champion of Champions show from 1984.


Wallow in nostalgia with the transmission dates and contestants for every Countdown ever broadcast. Also includes every final score from Series 3 onwards, almost every final score from Series 2 and even a few from the very first series!


View the seedings for every series.


Details of the Countdown Specials shown from 2003 to the present day.

Countdown Masters

Results of almost every Countdown Masters game. Now includes details of the programmes never broadcast due to the 1991 Gulf War outbreak.

Celebrity Countdown

Results of every Celebrity Countdown, plus the 1997 Christmas Special.


Details of 'classic' Countdown repeats and Specials shown instead of 'the crickit'.


Details of all the hosts and hostesses who have appeared on the programme since its inception.

Special Guests

An alphabetic listing of all the celebrities who have dwelled in Dictionary Dell over the years. You can also view the guests sorted by number of appearances and in order of appearance.


An alphabetic listing of the lexicographers who have graced Dictionary Corner.

Broadcast Times

Full details of just what times the parlour game has been broadcast over the years.


Just how many vowels and consonants are there in those piles?


A guide to all the Oxford dictionaries used over the years.


Can you remember who has sponsored Countdown over the years? Remind yourself here!


Following the closure of the Leeds studios in April 2009, a reminder of exactly where Countdown has been recorded.


Links to other sites of interest to the Countdowner.

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